Corrugated Plastic Products

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Boxes and Standard Containers

These common containers are sometimes known as RSC (Regular Slotted Container, HSC (Half Slotted Container), and DSC (Design Style Containers).  RSC and HSC are the most common box styles and can be used for most products.  DSC sytle containers can be used for both shipping and shelf storage or other applications where a cover must be removed and replaced frequently.  Through our expert engineering, we can provide you with a cost effective, durable container to you specifications.


Our corrugated plastic stackable and corrugated plastic nestable containers are manufactured to your specifications using our CAD capabilities and experienced engineers.  Corrugated Plastic Nestables feature tapered side, rigidity, and can be wire reinforced.  Corrugated Plastic Stackables feature plastic or aluminum stacking rails or corners used in conjunction with plastic and aluminum U-channels. 

Numatech West's corrugated plastic dunnage can be made to fit your existing containers or injection molded totes and boxes.  Our divider sets, layer pads, foam inserts and abrasion resistant laminates (spunguard and XLPE) are designed to protect your products. 

Recycling Containers

Numatech West offers a variety of both standard and custom size rcorrugated plastic ecylcing containers and corrugated plastic recylcing bins.  Custom printing and graphics can be added to any container.  All container are made from both versatile and durable corrugated plastic.

Numatech West offers a variety of both returnable and expendable (one time ship) foam products engineered for the protection of your most sensitive products.  The expendable foam products range from endcap sets for computer components to convoluted foam in paper corrugated cartons.  Our returnable foam products can be combined with plastic corrugated, rack systems, and totes to provide product safety in most shipping enviroments. 

Sleeves/Bulk Bins
Our plastic corrugated sleeves have broad applications from shipping crushed cans to automotive and medical parts.  Our sleeves are custom sized and can be used with wood or vacuum formed pallets.  We also offer molded bulk containers and a repair program to replace broken containers in your production and shipping system at a fraction of the cost of new containers.