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Bulkhead Divider System - Creates Instant Wall

Numatech West provides a collapsible corrugated plastic bulkhead divider system which effectively divides and secures loads contained within the interior compartment of a storage container such as a tractor trailer or ocean container.

This is advantageous for multiple location deliveries.  Eliminates problems of identifying when all goods within the load have been off-loaded.

This is perfect for partial loads as it holds the load in place and helps prevent damage during transport.

Corrugated plastic Bulkhead Dividers can also be used as security devices, where the color of the plastic sheet will not allow an operator to see what product is behind the bulkhead divider.

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Patent Pending

Bulkhead Collapsed

Bulkhead Front View

Bulkhead Positioned in Trailer


All our products are made with recyclable polypropylene or polyethylene.