Bulk Packaging

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Numatech West's re-usable self palletized shipping container consists of 2 plastic pallets with a corrugated plastic sleeve system. It is a rugged, cost-effective system designed for handling and storing work-in-process or finished goods.  The Numatech West system is ideal for controlled-loop environments.

o Light Weight                             
o Nestable
o Four-way entry
o Mirror Image Design
o 100 Recyclable
o Pallets are In-stock

Let us custom design a sleeve pack system for you.

Contact us at
sales@numatechwest.com or press this LINK and we will get back to you quickly.


o Custom Colors, stripes and logos
o Drop gates or split sleeve can be custom designed
o Locking clips for secure closure.
o Custom dunnage and partitions are available

Corrugated Plastic Sleeve system components may be purchased separately

Standard pallet sizes 48" x 40" or 48" x 45", we can custom design sleeve to fit your needs.


Mirror Image Sleeve Pack

Split Style Sleeve

Sleeves With Dividers